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Supplies Needed for Keeping Backyard Chickens


If you are lucky enough to live in a place that allows backyard chickens you are very lucky indeed. Not only do hens lay eggs but they also help control insects and weeds in the yard and can be interesting animals to own.

Getting started in keeping backyard chickens is relatively easy, only a few supplies are needed and most can be purchased online at

Select the site for your chicken coop. It should be on higher ground if you have a slope to your yard. You do not want the chickens standing in water.

Next you need to get a chicken coop. You can either build your own, or buy one. For backyard chickens you do not need to get a massive building a small coop with do well to house a few hens. FarmTek has some great options for housing your birds. Their small chicken coops range from $219.95 to $399.95 and are suitable for 2 to 9 birds depending on the style you select.

For only $179.95 you can add a “Chick-N-Yard” allowing your birds safe free range areas to get out of the coop and eat weeds, grass, and insects. Other enclosures are also available.

The advantages of buying a coop and pen, rather than making your own, are many. They are properly made, include roosting areas, and other little features that can be a stumbling block for inexperienced carpenters. They are well designed to look good in your back yard.

You will also need a proper feeder and waterer. Although there are very elaborate water fountain systems for larger farms, a simple 1 gallon waterer will do the trick. In some cases an electric heater to keep the water unthawed in the winter can be useful.

Generally speaking most cities do not allow for people to keep roosters, so while the hens will still lay eggs without a rooster, the eggs will not be fertile, so no other equipment is needed.

If you do wish to hatch your own eggs and have a rooster you will also need an incubator and brooder, again FarmTek has many options for people interested in these products.

Otherwise the only other things you need (in addition to your chickens) is feed, scratch, grit, and oyster shell. Most people give their hens a laying ration. This should be available to them at all times in their feeder. Later in the day you can also throw them a handful of chicken scratch, which they love and will help keep them friendly.

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